Infinite Campus: Integrated SIS to Personalize Student Learning

Charlie Kratsch, Founder & CEO, Infinite CampusCharlie Kratsch, Founder & CEO
Tracking and managing the ocean of student data is crucial for any K-12 district or school. An efficient Student Information System (SIS) has the ability to easily access and manage real-time information of students. However, typical SISs used in most K–12 districts offer only limited value and needs to be integrated with other software systems from different vendors to realize its full potential. Confronting challenges in managing data, including state reporting, Floyd County Public School was on the lookout for an efficient web-based SIS to conduct solid reporting, and have secure and reliable access to information. Upon partnering with Infinite Campus, Floyd County Public Schools’ teachers were able to build a flexible, integrated system for managing lesson plans, assignments, grades, assessments, report cards, and parent communication. “I have always been dedicated at making a difference in the lives of millions of students all across the country,” extols Charlie Kratsch, Founder and CEO of Infinite Campus.

Kratsch started Infinite Campus in 1993, with the goal of making the everyday life of the students, parents and administrators easier, more efficient and enjoyable. From the classroom to lunchroom, until home, Infinite campus delivers a simple web-based SIS that caters to student learning in K-12 districts by streamlining educational processes and promoting stakeholder collaboration. Infinite Campus provides a fully integrated information system that goes beyond just providing student information and delivers management of human resources, food service, data warehouse, notification system, and much more all within a single product.

Infinite Campus is built with a unique combination of simple, yet powerful products including—District Edition: SIS, State Edition: SIS, Premium Products, and Business Administration Suite, and superior customer service and support. The company’s District Edition: SIS provides educators the necessary tools to streamline their complete student administration. By implementing this district level product, educators, parents, and students can have a seamless access on any information, regardless of their location, device, or time.

I aim to use technology to make schools better, making it easier for administrators to perform their jobs, and personalize learning for every student

District Edition: SIS serves as a district-wide transactional data warehouse, which allows student data to be entered once and used across the district in real-time, supporting data-driven decision making. The highlight of the product is the ‘Parent student portal’; which provides real-time access to information, grades, attendance, and assignments for both parents and students on demand.

Apart from helping the district level schools, Infinite Campus provides a number of tools to track both student and staff data across the state, as well as the nation. The company has an ability to use campus data across the state, delivering customers with timely and accurate access to information through its State Edition: SIS product. This off-the-shelf statewide data collection system helps clients to manage the highly normalized transaction database for both the state department of education and districts.

Infinite’s support team further provides customers with a centralized point-of-contact for personalized solutions and advice, by taking a proactive approach to help them identify and solve problems quickly. These team members provide training services to arm the staff with the knowledge needed to be more efficient with their Campus solution. The company also provides ‘Product Assessment and Recommendations’ (PAR) for district’s where experienced Infinite Campus staff work together to examine how processes, procedures and unexplored functionality can be improved.

“I aim to use technology to make schools better, making it easier for administrators to perform their jobs, and personalize learning for every student,” says Kratsch. Working towards achieving the goal, Infinite Campus looks forward to continue to reinvest in developing innovative products and superior customer service.