Imagine Easy Solutions: Helping Students to Build New Concepts

Neal Taparia & Darshan Somashekar, Co-founder & Co-CEO
“Students today are just inundated with information, and they don’t know how to properly organize it or think about it,” starts Neal Taparia, Co-CEO and Co- Founder of Imagine Easy Solutions. Profusion of researches and metrics— combined with the ever-evolving disruptive technologies changes the way schools gather information to provide teaching and learning opportunities. With this in mind, the administrators and teachers are acute in looking for a proven system that will guide them through the complexities.

Founded with an objective to advance the education sector in meaningful ways with innovative technologies and solutions, Imagine Easy Solutions creates resourceful, easy-to-use solutions for teachers and students to encourage 21st century writing, reading and critical thinking skills. The firm assists students to evaluate, comprehend, and synthesize the gathered information effectively to build a new concept of their own. The NY based firm’s ultimate goal is to set students up for victory by enabling them to be more thoughtful decision makers and further help them to research appropriately by providing tools for staying organized.

Bringing innovation to full bloom, Imagine Easy Solutions develops an institutional product—Imagine Easy scholar, that would support educators in collaborating with students even outside the classroom. Imagine Easy Scholar provides tools to help students with their writing while giving teachers a direct view into the activities of the students, providing a scaffolded approach to improve writing and active approach to prevent plagiarism. With Scholar, students are set free to critically think about information in their own style. Instead of reading online and preparing notes on paper manually or with a separate program, they can also annotate the content and moreover all the information is kept in their account. This way the solution helps students to master concepts, enhance their study skills, and feel more engaged throughout the learning process.

We ultimately set students up for victory by enabling them to be more thoughtful decision makers

As research and media-literacy skills become relevant and engaging with real-life lessons, students work at their own pace of researching content. To aid students with their research process, scholar has an evernote-like extension that permits students to highlight various websites or PDFs and organize the information in a digital notebook. The tool integrates with Google Docs, so that students can drop the significant information into a paper and it automatically cites it for them. By easily accessing notes and sources, teachers can better understand their student’s thought process and workflow. As education is transformed with technology, Imagine Easy Solutions also offers Imagine Easy Academy to K12 schools and colleges. It is a cloud-based instruction and assessment platform that helps teachers integrate reading and writing standards into their curricula. It teaches the pedagogy around research and writing skills and in addition, includes a variety of modules covering middle and high school social studies content. Through this platform, teachers can assign the modules or customize any aspect of a lesson. Additionally, the site integrates with Google Classroom and other Learning Management System (LMS) platforms. It is beneficiary for students to get instant feedback on their answers and they can retry questions they miss, while teachers have access to detailed reports to track progress. Imagine Easy Academy's predefined lessons give teachers an effective way to integrate reading and writing skills into the classrooms.

Based on the increasing learning capabilities and ever-changing educational systems that are prevailing, Imagine Easy Solutions will intend to deliver more heightened education solutions in the near future meeting the needs of the educational institutions.