Redbooth: Leveraging Technology for Better Education

Dan Schoenbaum, CEO, RedboothDan Schoenbaum, CEO
The traditional system of classroom-based education often falls prey to barriers of time, space, and resources. The collaboration within education landscape can build a community of talented individuals who work in close proximity. This is being facilitated by the utilization of various collaboration technologies including e-mail, videoconference, and instant chatting. The Redwood City, CA based Redbooth offers modern collaboration solutions that efficiently transform educational environment to bring in more productivity through a shared digital platform.

The Redbooth platform enables dynamic teamwork and participation of all team members in a project, irrespective of where they are, while delivering transparency and accountability into project management. “Transparency will help team heads to evaluate workloads, assign tasks, and drive projects toward completion,” says Dan Schoenbaum, CEO, Redbooth. The firm’s complete workstream collaboration platform allows stakeholders to share ideas, files, and questions to produce a fully engaged workforce. Redbooth also facilitates in creating workspaces for all projects, helping faculty, staff and student members to join and have a centralized repository for files, research, tasks, and communications. Moreover, the platform provides insights into different team activities and helps identify team requirements to provide assistance, zeroing down the time spend on consuming the status report.

Users can also instantly connect with their teams and schedule meetings or join in a videoconference at a moment’s notice, even from a mobile device, through HD videoconferencing. The company also facilitates meetings through face-to-face HD videoconferences that are visually optimized to offer high quality experience. The conference screens can be annotated in real-time and can also be recorded to share it later. Additionally, the solution features screen sharing, direct messaging, and team chat—altogether creating a common digital workspace.

Redbooth’s platform provides transparency that helps team heads to evaluate workloads, assign tasks, and drive projects toward completion

The software aligns with the already existing work style of the organization and helps organizing projects by week, by phase and by category. It also integrates with applications like Box, Evernote, Google Apps, Gmail, Dropbox, Zendesk, and more to optimize the team’s workflow for ultimate collaboration experience.

Redbooth’s customer success stories are testaments to its prowess in providing collaboration solutions. At one instance, the company has helped the University Information Technology Services (UITS) division at Indiana University that was managing and maintaining a constantly evolving IT environment to support the university’s vision of excellence in research, teaching, outreach, and lifelong learning. The university, operating across multiple campuses located at different geographical areas, had no collaboration system to facilitate cross communication and was lacking a shared platform which team members could use at the same time. To solve this issue, Redbooth built a communication network across the campuses, enabling a shared workspace. As a result, the teams were able to share their work and ideas while discussing on various knowledge content. This increased the efficiency and about 15 percent boost in productivity for the university.

Over the years, Redbooth has been successful in helping enterprises organize their team and keep projects on track. Moving forward, the company plans to integrate with Cisco Spark, a team messaging app, to unite task-centric Redbooth workspaces and communications-centric Cisco Spark rooms. This would enable users work simultaneously in Redbooth and Cisco Spark for seamless communication and collaboration with a clear focus on productivity.