Incentify: Incentivized Education

Patrick Leddy, Founder & CEO, IncentifyPatrick Leddy, Founder & CEO
With research indicating that even with the finest teaching and the most optimum education technology students will not learn to their highest capacity without motivation, Patrick Leddy had a radically different idea about driving motivation. Realizing that ‘motivation to study’ is an underlying core problem in education system, Leddy, Founder & CEO of Intensify, came up with the initiative to offer incentives as a motivation to study. According to Leddy, “Incentives are like dumping rocket fuel into their education thrusters! Giving students the lift-off they need to succeed with exceptional speed.”

The firm’s flagship product Incentify—the world’s first cash for grades application—is a radical educational solution that promotes an extraordinary learning procedure. Here, a student’s academic achievements are tracked and automatically awarded in their mobile wallet, providing the student with instant gratification. “The application literally pays the students to learn. The more they learn, the more they earn,” adds Leddy.

Various corporations, foundations, government institutions, and schools propose scholarships to promote education but have failed to prove their effectiveness. Incentify acts as a connector for students to these benefactors, which inspire them to learn. “Our application is designed to inspire students from all around the world to learn and earn,” says Leddy. In the application, when a student meets a milestone, such as achieving a higher grade or spending an extra hour to study, they automatically receive incentives from their online scholarship fund. The application rewards students weekly with micro-scholarships in the form of cash and gift cards.

Incentives are like dumping rocket fuel into their education thrusters! Giving students the lift-off they need to succeed with exceptional speed

Incentify then pushes students further and challenges with bigger contests to earn more cash, tickets to movies, concerts, events, and retail products. “Instead of gaming and texting, their mobile phones will be used for learning,” adds Leddy.

The application is being developed by a high level team of professors from major universities, and executives, engineers, developers and advisors who are industry veterans. “We are not only incentivizing students with cash, but also providing access to the best eLearning apps and websites throughout the world to give children access to quality education,” adds Leddy.

The makers of Incentify believe that education is the key that lifts people out of poverty and teaches children to become good citizens. With a focus on providing quality education, the firm is committed to supply new and recycled mobile devices to give students access to websites, Wi-Fi download hubs for students to retrieve educational content, and free educational apps as well as eLearning content. The application combines a set of study tools, achievement tracking techniques, grade reporting, and weekly cash rewards. “The key to unlock the power of Incentify is the ‘achievement tracking engine’ that instantly rewards students as they learn while using superior eLearning applications,” adds Leddy.

Incentify has created the world’s first crowd funding scholarship application and aims to empower education through continuous donations from government, corporate, and other foundations. Incentify is looking forward to democratize learning through its interactive platform and launch the app in all languages for free, all for a better world.