DubLabs: Unified Mobile Strategy for Personalized Learning

Tony Orlando, CEO, DubLabsTony Orlando, CEO
Along with the fast developments in mobile technologies, the need for mobile learning has also become imperative, as the usage of smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming a part of student-lives and institutions. “Schools are looking for the best way to connect with today’s mobile-first students,” says Tony Orlando, CEO of DubLabs. As students try to balance their social and academic lives, it is crucial for them to have access to an application that’s easy-to-use and helps them stay updated of their precise academic schedules. “Personalized and integrated push notifications will allow schools to better communicate important content to students and allow them to take immediate action right from their mobile device,” adds Orlando.

DubLabs is dedicated to helping colleges and universities with unified mobile strategies that significantly improve student engagement, performance, and retention. The firm’s Campus mobile apps on the DubLabs platform enable students to perform critical functions, such as adding and dropping classes, paying bills, viewing grades and class details as well as communicating directly with professors.

The firm’s unified campus mobile applications feature native enterprise system integration (SIS, LMS, CRM), personalized, automated push notifications, and best-in-class user interface that keep students organized, on-track, engaged, and connected. The DubLabs’ integration server is inhabited in Virtual Private Cloud at Amazon. With this integration server, clients can use their enterprise systems, without having to open these systems to the public internet.

The intuitive design of school-branded mobile apps on the DubLabs platform provides an encrypted mobile experience to meet the requisites of today’s mobile-first students as well as each school’s tactical objectives. “In the world of higher education where safety is crucial to parents and students, we wanted to make sure our customers have access to an enterprise class safety component,” says Orlando.

Personalized and integrated push notifications will allow schools to better communicate important content to students

DubLabs seamlessly supports two-factor authentication and is tied to the client’s single sign-on system, so that users can access private features in the application.

DubLabs prides itself for its native integration technology, Single Sign On approach and security features and continues to stay ahead of the trends in the ways school use campus mobile app to better engage students. Since 2012, DubLabs has authentically delivered mobile experience for more than 150 schools around the world—positively impacting educational outcomes and student success. In one instance, the University of Oklahoma wanted to successfully implement a “One University Digital Initiative” for making it easier for students to engage with the university, conduct their business and find information to help them engage efficiently in their classes. The University needed a unified mobile application to encompass all the core systems in a customized mobile app. The client leveraged DubLabs’ platform to personalize the learning experiences of its students via an intuitive mobile app with authentic mobile experiences—helping them achieve academic success. In addition, “Maintaining the apps in-house was so labor-intensive,” says Corey Helms, Technology Strategist, University of Oklahoma. “The team was spending most of its time writing code. Since partnering with DubLabs, they’ve been able to focus instead on the innovative services they can deliver to students to help them achieve academic success.”

In recent years, since most of the schools are opting for a unified mobile strategy, the firm plans to continue to support app updates and technical requests to drive the best possible learning outcomes. Forging ahead, the firm will continue to focus on engaging more students by bringing ground-breaking innovations to its platform, which significantly streamline communication between faculty and students, as well as provide students the flexible applications they need to succeed.