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Robert Maginn, Chairman & Co-CEO, JenzabarRobert Maginn, Chairman & Co-CEO Education is powerful. Professionally and personally, education is the key to knowledge, self-discovery, opportunity, and a deeper understanding of the world in which we live. An educated society is an effective society, with informed citizens, expanded opportunities, and fruitful ventures. Propelled by the mission to support education, the company Jenzabar was established in 1998 to enable institutions of higher education to thrive, grow, and achieve student success. "Most importantly, we help our clients align their technology solutions with their unique mission and goals—to generate the maximum return on technology investments," states Chai Ling Maginn, the founder, president, and Co-CEO of Jenzabar. Dedicated exclusively to higher education, Jenzabar supports their clients’ goals, visions, and strategies. Across the institution—in every administrative office, in every academic department—their software and services enable the clients to deliver on the promise of higher education.

The changing student demographics in the U.S. indicate an increasing rate of dropouts from college and a rising number of students taking longer to complete higher education courses. "The need to adjust to shifting student demographics, the demand for better student outcomes and the high cost of education, challenge current higher education institutions," notes Robert A. Maginn Jr., Chairman and Co-CEO of Jenzabar. Driven to resolve the industry's challenges, the company is committed to continually develop new ways to help their client institutions. To enhance constituent satisfaction, achieve operational excellence, and maximize institutional success, Jenzabar works in close partnership with their clients and provides them student information systems (SIS). These systems offer user-friendly, flexible, and cost-effective higher education solutions and services that improve enrollment and student success, reduce operating costs and increase constituent contributions and engagement. The company, through its SIS, delivers a connected and personalized academic experience enabling students to balance their academic and personal responsibilities. This way, Jenzabar benefits not only the modern tech-savvy new students (digital-natives) but the ‘new traditional higher education students,’ as well who are usually older and have a job and/or a spouse to balance with their education.

Jenzabar's solutions are client-centric, offering them the tools to be more engaged, responsive, and connected to students

Today, Jenzabar collaborates with over 1,300 higher education institutions worldwide, providing scalable SIS that drive performance across campus and throughout the full student lifecycle.

Goal-Driven SIS Bouquet

Jenzabar’s comprehensive range of SIS is designed to enhance performance in every department at higher education institutions, be it learning management, financial aid, HR, recruitment, retention, fund-raising, and so on. “Jenzabar’s solutions are client-centric, offering them the tools to be more engaged, responsive, and connected to students,” states Chai Ling. Aligned to the needs of today’s tech-savvy student, Jenzabar offers solutions such as the Jenzabar ONE, Jenzabar SONIS, Jenzabar JX, and Jenzabar EX, and more that empower the client to meet their enrolment and retention goals while building a competitive edge.

Jenzabar ONE digitally transforms and modernizes a higher education institution to facilitate the use of new technology and supports the needs of today’s mobile and tech-savvy student. Easy to access and simple to navigate, mobile and cloud-ready, and agile, the SIS oversees student recruitment and retention to payroll and administration. Besides, Jenzabar ONE’s modular design allows institutions to pick and use the functionality that meets their needs. Other areas where Jenzabar ONE lends its assistance are finance, financial aid, learning management, and more. The platform also offers the Jenzabar Advancement toolset to streamline and simplify campaign and donor activity on which an institution depends.

Jenzabar SONIS is an SIS, designed especially for small and specialized higher education institutions. The SIS connects and consolidates all academic and administrative functions while eliminating manual tasks and errors. Beyond managing student data and sharing academic records securely, Jenzabar SONIS also integrates admissions, registration, grading, student billing, course management, and more with a single centralized database. The SIS connects students, faculty, and administrators through a user-friendly online platform. As a powerful yet cost-effective SIS, Jenzabar SONIS improves efficiencies, enhances security, and simplifies tasks across campus.

Go to Partner for Clients

Jenzabar develops products in close partnership with clients and ensures user-centric solutions.

The company also offers multiple opportunities for productive dialogue, best practice sharing, and feedback such as Jenzabar Annual Meeting (JAM), Regional User Group Meetings (RUGs), Jenzabar Advisory Group (JAG), Presidents Advisory Council, Listservs, Industry Events. Jenzabar then improves and updates its solutions based on user feedback and input, to guarantee client success.

Among Jenzabar’s many successful clients is the oldest accredited naturopathic medical college in North America, the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon. The college has experienced rapid growth with the deployment of Jenzabar SONIS. The SIS has enabled NCNM to acquire 50 percent enrollment growth, 400 percent program increase, and two additional schools. From their yesteryears of doing everything on paper, the NCNM is now more efficient than ever with Jenzabar SONIS ensuring student records security and data integrity. Facilitating online self-service, Jenzabar SONIS empowers NCNM to reduce the time and effort it initially took to create audits. It allows everyone at NCNM to work from the same pool of data and has made concurrent degree compliance trouble-free. If there is an issue, the company operates on it, comes up with a solution, and develops an upgrade, behaving less like a product and more like a partner to the client.

"Most importantly, we help our clients align their technology solutions with their unique mission and goals—to generate the maximum return on technology investments"

True Innovator in Higher Education Technology

Starting as an internet portal and eLearning company for an online community of university professors, students, and administrators, in 1998, Jenzabar was later launched as an enterprise software provider to serve the life cycle needs of higher education better. Jenzabar’s goal is to help the academic landscape mirror the altruistic passion of its founder, Chai Ling Maginn, a two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, for her “pro-democracy” role in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, China. A proponent of the significance of higher education, built on her rich academic qualifications at Princeton University and Harvard, Chai Ling founded ‘Jenzabar’ in 1998. In her native Mandarin Chinese, the name “Jenzabar” translates to, “class of the best and the brightest”—a standard of excellence that the company works to embody in everything they do. Jenzabar grew from a dot-com start-up to an industry-leading enterprise solution provider. For more than four decades, Jenzabar’s software and services have given colleges and universities the power to meet all their academic and administrative needs. Today, the educational field benefits from Jenzabar’s contributions to all sectors of higher education including four-year private and public institutions, community colleges, specialized schools, workforce development, and more.

- Tenzin Chogkyi
    March 14, 2019

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FREMONT, CA: “We help our clients align their technology solutions with their unique mission and goals—to generate the maximum return on technology investments,” said Chai Ling Maginn, President, and CEO of Jenzabar.
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