Rediker Software: Enabling School Administrations with 'Plus' Powers

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To encourage a natural form of learning, organizations and institutions must understand a student’s potential for grasping knowledge. Rediker Software assists management and administrators gather and analyze student information to help educators maximize success, and communicate with parents and families. The company’s flagship Student Information System platform, “Administrator’s Plus” is a simple program that handles report cards, schedule building, discipline, billing and much more. Besides, providing stellar recording and reporting of student information. The platform seamlessly integrates with other Rediker School Office Suite programs “TeacherPlus” web gradebook and “ParentPlus” web portal to create a safe online solution for institution administration. Administrator’s plus is a powerhouse solution that is loaded with functions to simplify any task from entering new student details to generating class schedules in a matter of minutes.

To maintain an orderly structure of information, administrative personnel at institutes leverage the AdminPlus database. It allows them to track student and staff data that ensures data integrity, rapid access to data, and accurate analysis. The easily implementable tech-stack that Rediker deploys is designed to run on top of each other, and is also available to management at educational institutions to leverage as a whole. The information is recorded across all of the AdminPlus modules and other School Office Suite programs, and as a result data repetition is avoided. For educators to build class schedules, Rediker has added a powerful schedule builder that can quickly create a course structure virtually. They can also track student attendance, and this can be viewed on the company’s mobile app.

Report Cards and Grading are also essential to assess a student’s progress. Through Rediker’s Report Cards Plus and TeacherPlus web grade book, teachers can handle grading, paper assessments, and lesson plans. It allows educators to view and edit grades, and produce attractive custom report cards.

A student’s demeanor matters to their parents and teachers, and discipline in institutions is a crucial part of the education system.

When Rediker’s customers have questions, they quickly get answers

Administrator’s Plus allows management at facilities document and track retributive incidents, maintain related records, and notify parents of any infractions. The progress of a child is important to parents, and it is vital for school management to maintain communication with them at all times. To achieve this Rediker leverages the PlusPortals—ParentPlus and StudentPlus—a group of online portals that empowers institute administration and teachers share data and reach out to parents and students in a protected environment.

A simple and easily installable mobile app comes along with the Administrator's Plus SIS platform through which administrators, educators, students and parents can view the recorded data. It allows users to access data from any place and at any time - including report cards, course schedules, and disciplinary records – on iOS and Android devices.

For office administrative staff handling school districts, Administrator’s Plus provides instant access and management of all student, staff and school data across the entire region. The platform also has tools that private schools can leverage to perform the same operations. While educational institutions continue to perfect their systems, a large part of their knowledge is garnered from the community, and it is vital for management at these schools and universities to communicate with them. Through the platform, they can notify thousands of contacts in the community via email, SMS, and voice messaging services.

One feature that assists Rediker to have a high retention of clients is the unmatched technical support they provide, and going into the future, they hope to deliver the same kind of assistance that has helped them get this far. Rediker Software has developed an excellent technical support unit that is the best in the industry. When Rediker’s customers have questions, they quickly get answers.