Kaltura: Driving Seamless Collaboration and Communication

Ron Yekutiel Chairman, CEO & Co-founder, KalturaRon Yekutiel Chairman, CEO & Co-founder
In today’s digital age, video has quickly become a mission critical part of education. Subsequently, the use of video on campuses for collaborative teaching and learning is growing at an astonishing rate. Besides, teachers worldwide are using video to improve the learning experience through blended learning scenarios, flipped classrooms, student recording, and campus event webcasting. Given the demand and the rate at which video is permeating educational institutions as a collaborative tool, “learning technologists, faculty, and IT administrators are now faced with finding the right online video platform for their educational institutions,” states Ron Yekutiel, Chairman, CEO and Co-founder, Kaltura. With the mission to power any video experience, New York, NY-based Kaltura provides a comprehensive video platform designed to help educators create value by leveraging video to teach, learn, collaborate, communicate, and entertain.

Kaltura offers education publishers and education technology companies flexible, open-source solutions to create rich and engaging video experiences within their applications. “We proffer wide range of features and powerful tools that can be used out of the box and managed through easy-to-use interface, or customized via our APIs and developer tools,” says Yekutiel. Besides, Kaltura’s wide range of features and tools allow educators to quickly create enriched teaching and learning experience, track student engagement, marketing and admissions, and maintain effective digital communications. “Educators can post video assignments and incorporate videos into tests, announcements, blogs, discussions, feedback and more, improving engagement, creativity, sense of community, and learning results,” says Yekutiel. The video platform allows seamless integration into the customer’s Learning Management System (LMS) like Blackboard, Moodle, and Canvas amongst others using a cloud based, LTI compliant, hosted framework, served directly from the firm’s cloud servers. Kaltura’s content creation and authoring tools, such as CaptureSpace, simplify production of interactive training presentations.

Anyone can easily produce and create, capture, edit and publish training videos from their office, home, studio or a classroom

“Anyone can easily produce and create, capture, edit and publish training videos from their office, home, studio or a classroom,” says Yekutiel.

Additionally, Kaltura MediaSpace, a social video and media portal empowers educators and students to create their own campus video portal with library video resources, channels for group collaborations, student generated content, and more. Subsequently, Kaltura Native Mobile App extends the features of social video portal and assures optimal playback on all mobile devices, with automatic device detection and HTML5 - Flash fallback. The firm’s platform also offers various video applications, including Kaltura Management Console, a media management system to ingest, manage, publish, distribute, monetize, and analyze media.

Kaltura’s video platform is deployed globally in many educational institutions and engages hundreds of viewers at school. In an implementation highlight, one of the firm’s clients, National University migrated their video content library to a new LMS with a focus on creating a video experience that would give them the highest quality and fidelity possible on a variety of browsers. The transition, however, required transferring over huge volumes of video, and they were concerned about their videos meeting accessibility guidelines. They took advantage of the Kaltura Video Building Block for Blackboard. It allowed the client to move their video content onto a seamlessly integrated platform and provided a quality video learning environment. As such, the clean integration of Blackboard and Kaltura allowed the National University team to easily set up their captioning, letting them keep their focus on building out the rich and engaging content of their courses.

Going forward, Kaltura will remain committed to its core values of openness, flexibility, and collaboration. Likewise, the firm aims to expand and accelerate innovation while fostering continued collaboration within its 120,000 members strong open source community.