Eduphoria!: Reinforcing Success in Classroom through Web Tools

Colin McDorman, CEO, EduphoriaColin McDorman, CEO
The education industry is witnessing a sea change with the advent of new and innovative technology trends. Cloud computing, Bring Your Own Devices, mobility, and virtualization are enabling teachers and students to explore a territory which was unknown earlier. Today technology solution providers are equipping educators with powerful tools to create a collaborative classroom environment that keeps the students engaged. Being one of the prominent providers of K-12 software applications to education industry, Eduphoria, delivers intuitive web-based software that helps educators to facilitate a vibrant classroom environment.

The Plano, TX-based company enables educators to gain more awareness about the curriculum and make necessary changes which in turn helps students thrive. “We believe in creating a culture where everyone is learning, teaching, and growing,” says Colin McDorman, CEO, Eduphoria. The company offers a suite of applications to empower educators through the seamless integration of their professional growth and student assessment.

“Our comprehensive student assessment platform, Aware, effectively facilitates item bank management, assessment creation, and data analysis, guiding improved instructional practice,” says McDorman. Aware simplifies test construction, manages assessments, and also analyzes student progress. The enhanced system empowers teachers and district personnel by making right instructional decisions through a dynamic analysis engine. Aware also helps teachers to enhance students’ classroom experience and analyzes multiple indicators of student success. It constructs tests in an intuitive manner by equipping educators with an effective workflow process that helps them create, vet, and refine quality assessment items by integrating locally constructed and third party item banks. Designed around the inquisitive nature of educators, Aware features a robust data analysis engine. The application allows for the creation of district and campus templates as starting points for the individual approach of the teacher.

The company’s professional development management and collaboration platform, Strive, focuses on educator’s growth. Besides fulfilling all the logistical needs of the educators, Strive also effectively integrates staff evaluation, goal setting, and Professional Learning Community (PLC) collaboration.

Our comprehensive student assessment platform, Aware, effectively facilitates item bank management, assessment creation, and data analysis, guiding improved instructional practice

In a nutshell, the collaborative platform combines Eduphoria’s two of the most powerful applications—Workshop and Appraise to foster a value-based professional growth system. The educators can provide valuable feedback through a complete appraisal system, Appraise, which has customizable forms and workflows. The system seamlessly integrates feedback into the learning process to easily conduct evaluation process, promoting professional growth and development.

In addition, the company’s latest addition to the Eduphoria! Suite is Thrive, which promises to “maximize the success in classroom” by combining staff evaluation with professional learning. Eduphoria!’s powerful planning tool, Forethought enables educators to develop intricate and complete curricula, activities, and instructional components. Its curriculum and activity editor, speeds up the process of creating and updating resources. The educators can create lessons through Forethought’s fully-featured and teacher-friendly planner that is in sync with district resources and state standards. Its dynamic construction and editing tools create amazing classroom experiences by facilitating a living, and breathing curriculum.

Eduphoria constantly endeavors to enhance its existing products through consistent upgradation. For instance, the company has recently improvised its offering Appraise that supports goal setting process, integrating with Workshop. It will foster healthy discussion between appraisers and appraisee by setting an effective communication process. “We will ensure that our solution can support the local decisions made within each district regarding the selected evaluation process,” says McDorman. In the coming days, Eduphoria continues to expand its portfolio of products that will add value to the whole education eco system.