MobileMind: Enhanced Learning through Customized MDM Solutions

Tyce Miller, CEO, MobileMindTyce Miller, CEO
Today, given the deluge of options and tools for learning, students are becoming more engaged and motivated to learn using mobile and digital devices. However, with the quick evolution of mobile technology in the education space, schools and educational institutions are struggling to keep up with the ever growing demand of mobile learning. To facilitate this need, IT and instructional departments are not consistently collaborating at the level required for mobile learning. “While the use of mobile technology in education has risen sharply, many schools have a difficult time keeping their educators up to speed. Much like their students, each educator is different, so MobileMind created a tailored learning program that all stakeholders can benefit from,” says Tyce Miller, CEO, MobileMind.

MobileMind, an Atlanta, GA based company provides Mobile Device Management (MDM) software services along with expert guidance to deliver the technology and support needed to fill the mobile adoption gap in education. The company has designed AirWatch mobility management solution by partnering with VMware, a leading virtualization software designing company to facilitate easy and flexible as well as mobile and web-based communication. Therefore, it helps k-12 schools and universities that require education-oriented mobile applications by deploying software configuration that focuses on education-specific settings, policy requirements, and common troubleshooting features. This way, MobileMind manages to make learning an enjoyable experience to the students, improving their individual performance within a shorter period of time.

The company has created a process and system to simplify the complex teaching procedures through AirWatch implementation, management, and supporting services. It provides a 360 degree self-assessment for teachers through Professional Development (PD) services and conducts periodical workshops for both students and teachers to enhance their learning and teaching skills.

MobileMind provides personalized series of courses that are based on learners’ own development plan

The PD services are designed in a comprehensive manner such that they suit well for students, teachers, instructors, and other stakeholders in an educational institution. The services are driven by innovation in order to facilely combine the theoretical learning with practical sessions to allow easier understanding of subjects. MobileMind also provides personalized series of courses that are based on learners’ own development plan. This way the firm facilitates the teachers to control the usage of devices by students through AirWatch services.

For instance, Anderson School District 1, one of the largest schools in South Carolina, provided all of its students with iPads and allowed them to choose the apps that they might need for school based on their personal learning needs. Soon, the school was confronted with a problem due to frequent downloads of gaming and chatting apps which are unrelated to their educational syllabus. The school implemented MobileMind’s AirWatch to adjust its compliance policy and locked the devices by creating whitelist and blacklist of apps that are to be and not to be downloaded on iPads. Consequently, the school saw a decrease in the downloads of unneeded apps and other app disciplinary issues.

Moving ahead, the company is aiming at providing world-class learning solutions through collaboration of mobile technology experts and educational technologists to address IT as well as instruction methods, improving the standard of education. “As smart phones and tablets proliferate throughout school campuses, there is a growing need for mobility enablement and management. We will continue to bring unmatched domain and industry expertise to the schools and universities to embrace the changing mobile landscape,” concludes Miller.