Mobile Learning Services: Innovative Learning Practices through Mobile Technology

Katherine Page Burdick, President, Mobile Learning ServicesKatherine Page Burdick, President
Today, the prevalence of mobiles, tablets, and connected devices in the education sector has transformed the learning environment for students, both inside and outside the classroom. Enriching the lives for both students and teachers, Mobile Learning Services provides versatile customized solutions to make learning fun, engaging, and accessible to everyone. With modern technology, the company creates innovative educational products to fulfill specific and unique needs. “We can take customers content or idea as it is, to work with them and bring our expertise into the development process,” states Katherine Page Burdick, President of Mobile Learning Services.

The Tucson, AZ-based firm trains teachers to assess student app through task cards and demonstration projects for homework, research, and parent communication. The firm has developed various refreshingly unique apps for educational purpose ranging for different class levels. The app, K-2 Mobile Reading, which is designed for Grades PreK to 2, is a library of 100 books leveled to reading recovery. It has a teacher or admin portal that provides in-app management of 30 students in which each story is accompanied by narration.

Tools 4 Students 2 app is designed for grades 5 to 12 with 25 different vocabulary and comprehension organizers. It allows students to type their response, noting the book and page numbers when needed. In addition, it embeds features such as Email finished organizer, save to device, save as PDF or save to dropbox with the ability to re-use the same organizer again and again.

The Magic of the Music for grades 2 to 4 is an interactive music for young readers and is combined with audio and video features, bringing deeper level of understanding to the text. It traces family heritage and change over time, meeting the NCSS standards.

We maintain a database with tens of thousands of schools that are currently using iPads and iTouches and are actively looking for content

It encourages readers to use maps and scale of miles to calculate distance through fun-based interactive geography lessons. Book Chat app hooks up with other readers reading the same book. This app serves to be perfect for middle school discussion questions in which the user can add their own questions for the discussion and also suggest other books for the app.

Furthermore, the Read N Respond app provides student response forms that are applicable to any piece of literature, movie, or text available. This resourceful app allows teachers to instruct the group by projecting and completing a form through a projector or mirroring application. It is used with textbooks, novels, app books, poetry, film, presentations—anything one reads or listens to. Tools 4 Students is a must-have app for any elementary classroom. The app includes 25 different graphic organizers ranging from Cause, Effect and Compare and Contrast to Sequencing Events and Creating Story Arcs.

CompareNContrast—offers 35 sets of graphic organizers presenting two photos side by side or the ability for users to create their own compare and contrast scenarios. The graphic organizer helps users organize their thinking while preparing to discuss or write compare and contrast essays. When users have completed the organizer, they can email the organizer or post to Google Docs or Dropbox.

Experienced at social marketing, Mobile Learning Services also provides sales and marketing support for all educational apps as they remain as an unexplored region for many app developers. “We have relationships with district-level decision makers and with the largest education associations domestically and internationally. We maintain a database with tens of thousands of schools that are currently using iPads and iTouches and are actively looking for content,” remarks Katherine