2019 Will Witness Emergence of These Learning and Development Technologies

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Technology is evolving at a fast pace. As high-tech innovations gain momentum, the opportunity to create a better corporate training program and delivery methods accelerate as well. Learning and technology go hand-in-hand. Human resources are the greatest asset of a company and the biggest key to achieving business goals. The human capital needs continual training that incorporates cutting-edge technology, supports professional development and encourages employee engagement. Here are a few learning and development trends of 2019:

Mobile Learning

People use multiple devices on a daily basis. A company must take advantage of this and provide responsive training methods across various devices. According to GMSA Intelligence, approximately 75 percent of smartphone users watch videos globally. So, a company must take the initiative to provide video training programs that are a perfect combination of entertainment, simplicity, and information. Learners also get the freedom to download the training programs watch them remotely with no or unreliable internet access.

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Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, customizes the learning based on each learner’s individual needs and performance in real-time. Adaptive training is one of the most dynamic training methods to enhance learner engagement. AI-powered chatbots will be one of the most significant trends in 2019. These programs simulate a visual conversation between learner and the computer. This boosts learning engagement and employee productivity.

Learning Ecosystem

The learning and development department has the responsibility to satisfy employees’ preference, and a single platform or solution may not be enough. Companies must opt for third-party systems, apps, and tools which are easy to integrate with multiple systems. These platforms support a complete learning ecosystem. Gamification can make learning engaging. Employees can retain more and apply new concepts, and game mechanics training will have a significant impact.

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