3 Soft Skills Online Training Mistakes

Education Technology Insights | Monday, August 03, 2020

Soft skills online training mistakes should be avoided because it can lead to lower sales, compliance violations, and co-worker conflicts.

FREMONT, CA: Soft skills are fundamental things because it maintains open lines of communication, builds a better team dynamic, and boost customer service scores. However, staffers must hone these skills through practical application and frequent reinforcement. Here are some soft skills online training mistakes which should be avoided at all costs when implementing soft skills online training:

1. Forgetting about the practical application

Soft skills are based on real-world applications. It isn't very easy to sharpen these abilities without practicing them. As such, your online training program must have simulations, scenarios, and other immersive activities that facilitate experiential learning. Employees are able to benefit from their mistakes and continually improve their skills. Then use this wisdom in the workplace to enhance service scores. Skill-based online training should never be limited to passive activities and final exams to 'prove' their proficiency.

2. Not getting employee feedback

Employees can provide the right information regarding which skills they need on the job and where they fall short. An organization can gat

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her this information in different ways, including surveys, qualitative assessments, etc. One can choose any method which seems to be comfortable for them; the only requirement is to collect feedback directly from the source. Then chart patterns to develop customized online training tools. For instance, 75 percent of the employees note the same communication or problem-solving skill gap.

3. Lack of a realistic budget

There are several resources to devote to soft skills online course, but one of the most important soft skills online training mistakes is the lack of a realistic budget. It creates misallocation of resources and shortcuts that reduce online training value. For instance, if an organization realizes that there aren't enough funds to finish their interactive simulation, then they shorten the seat time and omit that vital real-world experience. They must also inventory their current assets to look for reusable content. That webinar from last year might help you cut costs today.

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