4 Benefits of Conversational AI in the Education Industry

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, February 02, 2021

The demand for conversational AI increases among students and educational institutes as it improves student and teacher engagement. 

FREMONT, CA : The crisis of COVID-19 changed the way people lived a few years back. Education, which has been integrated into various ways by schools or institutions, has a unique design. Some no longer incorporate virtual classrooms, online tests, online forums, activities, and many more. But soon, for any education organization going forward, that will be a new standard.

EdTech is now the new sensation, and in the education industry, artificial intelligence is making significant breakthroughs. What has benefited most is the fact that the younger generation quickly embraces emerging innovations. The Conversational AI, integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and other social media applications, can engage students and offer brief but useful data in the form of educational chatbots.

What is Conversational AI?

As a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), conversational AI may allow the user and the computer to communicate in the spoken or written natural language of the user, precisely as they would when communicating with a person. Instead of learning the technology, saving time, and enhancing the user experience, it puts the burden on the technology interface to understand what the user needs and adapt accordingly.

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Ease of Learning

The automated, intelligent tutoring system that offers a customized learning environment to research in and then evaluate the students' responses and their patterns of interaction with the learning material is the most useful and demanded AI application.

Enhanced Student Engagement

Students prefer texting to another mode of communication. Throughout all instant messaging channels and social media, they are successful. They reach out through these channels, whether they want to engage with each other, study subjects, or find help with their assignments.

Safe and Secure Feedback

Feedback, whether coming from a student and aimed toward the teachers or the other way around, is a significant part of the learning process. Feedback helps students identify subjects that need additional focus and helps teachers identify areas to develop their teaching skills.

AI-Based Teaching Assistants

Students also placed a request to do their homework on the internet to find an assistant who can support them in completing their assignment or provide a better description of a particular subject they are struggling with. Similarly, educators also want assistance in simplifying their daily duties.

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