5 Innovative Practices Powered by IoT in Education

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

IoT is not only advancing the physical environment but also transforming the learning culture, which is an essential aspect of the modern school.

FREMONT, CA: Smart devices are a trend that is shaping industries and society alike. Various sectors and verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, and others are getting transformed beyond recognition with the incorporation of the internet of things (IoT) technology. Education is another sector which has seen drastic changes in the past few decades, especially after the advent of the internet. For instance, the use of tablets in the classroom and the proliferation of open universities hint at the scale of transformation. However, IoT is another disruptive technology which is set to transform the industry all over again.

IoT propels advanced value to the physical environment and improves the education itself, which is an essential aspect of the modern school. A smart school involves smooth functioning facilities that provide a higher level of personalized learning. The smart devices used in the campus uses a Wi-Fi network to send and receive instructions. A computational IoT nervous system for learning centers and schools assists in developing smarter lesson plans while keeping an eye on essential resources. It is also crucial for improving access to information, designing better campuses, and much more. Here are some of the primary changes brought about by IoT in the education sector:

•  IoT Enabled Boards

Modern multimedia boards have transformed the experience for the students as well as the teachers. The boards allow creating the virtual posters easily mixing with audio, images, video, text, and hyperlinks. It enables to share them electronically with others and observe the activities of the students easily. The digital posters can then be shared teachers and classmates via email and can be accessed using the poster’s URL address and posted on class blogs.

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•  Interactive Learning

Today, most of the books are paired with CDs and websites that contain additional materials, assessments, video, animations, and other stuff to boost the learning process. Learning is no more confined to the combination of images and text. Current adoptions are providing a broader outlook to the students enabling them to learn more with a better understanding. Teachers are also bringing real-world problems within the classrooms and encouraging students to find their own solutions.

•  Educational Apps and Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as the iPad are redefining the ways to teach and learn, which can be regarded as a very powerful tool. Students and teachers can create 3D graphics textbooks that give the ability to take notes. Not only does it simplifies the traditional methods but also makes education more attractive than ever before. It is equipped with several features that provide interesting opportunities in teaching as well as learning.

•  Learning with eBooks

Portable eBooks enable the students to carry hundreds of books with ease. Mobile devices can carry numerous files containing textbooks, quizzes, homework, and other similar files, thereby eliminating the requirement of physical storage. Moreover, students are more excited to watch videos, diagrams, or infographics, which provides them with a richer experience and amplifies their learning opportunities.

•  Evolution of Communication

Technology is helping the teachers to keep a better track on each of the students and provide them with homework via various online tools. With the proliferation of smart devices, teachers and students can remain connected.

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