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Education Technology Insights | Monday, March 04, 2019

Led by Sageview Capital, an education start-up called Aceable raised $47 million. As per crunch base, the total known funding is up to $55.7 million. The Austin-based startup focuses on driver’s education and a defensive driving course which can be availed through online websites and mobile. The driver’s ed-portion is an online course that completes all academic or classroom part of driver’s education online for the states that the company is operating in.

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Aceable was one among many start-ups that raised funds to make a drastic change in this sector. China-based start-ups like 17zuoye and VIPKID raised hundreds of millions to enrich primary and middle school education. Educational technology has improved a lot rather than just handing out iPads to kids. A college education is expensive, and the current scenario demands persistent training to meet the current requirement scenario. Many factors have changed the approach of teaching and institutions look for an alternative way to reach to people to improve their skills that already exist.  Edtech startup Maths Pathway raised $2.1 million in funding to grow its tech platform and expand its reach.  The duo Richard Wilson and Justin Matthys received $1 million in funding by social ventures Australia and the remaining fund by unnamed investors. Maths Pathway’s solution is to help teachers incorporate technology in the classroom for rich and deeper learning. Younger students when learning with technology requires proper guidance and examples. Integrating technology in education and failing to instruct the children will never give productive output.

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Educational experts advice that it is not right to immerse children into the screen entirely and the teacher must strike a correct balance and give age-appropriate lessons. Devices like surface tab pro are used from kindergarten at the Kent school district to provide an enhanced learning experience from a young age. Acceleration will pave the way to more edtech start-ups and put them in an excellent position to fundraise. Automation in learning will undoubtedly help the children learn better and new trends and technology will update the current syllabus and provide an advanced learning opportunity to learners for a better future.

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