AI's Impact on the Future of Education

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Digital technology offers a variety of new techniques in the education world. AI has been trending in every sector. Education has also undergone a revolution after the advent of AI. The presence of AI has comforted people through its availability in any devices including mobile and laptops. Using AI, the learners, and the students can gain access toward the site without any interruption.

There are many hidden benefits with the involvement of AI in the educational sector. As the AI interface is user-friendly, the users can access information from anywhere remotely. With that, mobile learning has become a comfortable form of distance education. Some universities like the University of Montreal want their students to take at least one distance education course to obtain their degree. The potential of the artificial intelligence helps the adaptive learners to grasp facts and improve their performance in the particular chapter.

Also, with the help of AI applications, the M learning project has been launched in the Ivory Coast. M learning uses online training platform with the help of tablets connected to the internet.  It involves around 600 primary school teachers and 900 college teachers. The UTIFEN project has been launched in Africa with more than 20,000 teachers using artificial intelligence as the platform. The platform enables the teachers to have an adaptive reading remotely. AI provides machines with the capability to learn to identify patterns and recognize speech. The needs of the lessons change alternatively according to the answers provided by the teachers.

Artificial intelligence in educational sector has positively resulted in providing huge success to educational institutions as their students are able to learn better.  Once the learner is comfortable with the platform, the AI application sends the leaner regular updates automatically, thus increasing the possibility of success. The main scope of UTIFEN is to train teachers using AI and spread knowledge, though there is low internet connectivity in an area. AI will continue to benefit the education sector as more institutions leverage its applications in their curriculum to improve a student’s way of learning and provide better education.

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