Revolutionizing e-Learning with Mobile Learning

Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 11, 2018

Mobile learning is revolutionizing the e-learning industry. What started as small learning nuggets via text messages has grown to become mobile learning games covering every imaginable aspect. Its popularity is boosted by its easy availability and affordability. Development technologies like HTML5 ensure its streamlined, standardized, and budget-friendly development. User familiarity with mobile platforms has boosted the popularity of mobile learning. As people already spend a significant amount of time in using their phones, mobile learning becomes a part of their daily activities effortlessly.

As the mobile platform supports interactivity, developers utilize these elements in bringing a boring text to life. Learning can be made fun using mobile games and varying level of interactivity based on technologies available, learner device compatibility, and the budget provided. The process of developing mobile-friendly content has become significantly easier with developing technologies allowing e-content to be delivered across multiple devices such as mobiles, laptops and tablets. The reusability of existing e-content videos, graphics, audio, and animations also makes the development process quicker.

Creating mobile content for e-learning takes more effort than merely making the same available on mobile devices. The mobile learning content developed nowadays is aligned to utilize the medium’s strengths while being aware of its limitations. Small bursts of mobile learning, with minimal texts but prominent media usage, are thus becoming popular.

The people using e-learning technology frequently use multiple devices to access the course—at the office, the laptop or desktop is used, but while travelling, the mobile or tablet might be a more convenient option. Web-responsive technology aids in the creation of content that ensures a uniform learning experience across viewing devices. Mobile learning has brought tremendous success to corporate learning, and is set to improve with new devices, enhanced device capabilities and learning development tools.

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