AI stands as a pillar for students education success

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, June 13, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Higher education institutions use machine learning platforms to break through the student’s achievement in academics.

Education technology and data analytics stands as a pillar for students, especially to target student needs. The fusion of data analytics and automation lend a hand to track their students’ academic processes for those who fall behind, gets a greater support to reach out their goals.

Student retention is important for every universities and colleges so AI in education improve every individual student in their academics especially those who need additional guidance. University administrative process gets benefit using artificial intelligence to handle the vast amount of data gathered, utilizing it in research and teaching activities.

EdTech is used to monitor presentations against its mission and product frequently to assist more responsive management. It magnifies the quality of performance league tables which are based in substantial time lags and allows faster in more efficient applicant selection.

Every university needs to bring awareness to the new opportunities that AI opens up and bring to pay them optimally in supporting multidisciplinary studies. This need to require necessitate new academic areas that lead to specializes jobs. AI helps the universities to forecast the students who drop out or transfer to another institutions. 

Community colleges have found that education technology has played an important role in student success and it is widely adopted by the universities in U.S. universities. The member of the academic affairs and student success departments were questioned about the student behaviors to classify students into different groups based on academic performance. The data that is been identified could be correlated to actions and developed into EdTech model for education. 

The use of AI in education is a fairly new concept, but it has enormous potential. With time, the combination of AI and human teachers are expected to improve the way learning is viewed and knowledge is shared.

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