Amalgamation of Technology and Project-Based Learning

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Technology meant for project-based learning helps students to organize their thoughts and collaborate on useful educational opportunities.

FREMONT, CA: Knowledge can be converted into an immersive learning experience by bringing project-based learning (PBL) and technology together. The two help students to learn a concept or an idea well when it is associated with real-world exploration and experience. With proper strategies and planning, teachers can create high-quality PBL projects that make use of technology.

Shifting to Project-Based Learning

To effectively implement project-based learning, organizations need to consider changing four areas:

• Rethink the Curriculum: The teacher-led curriculum does not always lead to project-based learning, and the syllabus is put in place for educators to provide information to students. The PBL prospectus instead is about understanding what students learn or can create as an outcome of a project.

• Collaboration: Project-based learning requires building relationships, and collaboration helps learners to work with their peers in the classroom. Before getting PBL onboard, teachers need to find an expert on a subject matter and allow students to keep in touch with the professional. It is also essential for students to access and establish connections with the world outside the school-room.

• Get Students to Solve Real-World Problems: Learners are always on the run to build something significant and make a difference to the world, and PBL permits them to take up new challenges. By allowing students to solve the authentic, real-world problem, it helps boost their confidence and authenticates their learning.

• Focus on Students: Most of the time, when students are given an assignment, they would want to know if the task earns them a grade. With PBL, the whole learning process becomes a reward, and the projects excite learners to determine the direction of their work. 

Incorporation of Technology in PBL

Students today have access to a variety of technology applications, and the use of tools for project-based learning becomes essential for the successful implementation of their project. So, teachers need to allow students to select the technology that is required for their assignment and let them use it whenever needed. 

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