Leveraging Mobile Learning Techniques for Innovative Learning Experience

Education Technology Insights | Friday, February 22, 2019

The advent of innovative technology tools has radically changed the way modern learners prefer to be educated. The ubiquity of smartphones offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to improve the impact of workplace learning and development exponentially. The mobile learning (m-learning) experience will enable companies to provide their employees customized and relevant content, which can help them to perform better and enhance their productivity.

In recent years, organizations have extended their workforce across boundaries and have a worldwide geographical footprint, making even the simplest training event a huge logistical headache. In addition to that, the new generation of employees has different expectations when it comes to organizational learning and development.

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Enterprises need to offer a learning environment that allows modern learners to learn on the go and adapts to their day-to-day routine. M-learning can provide assistance in training, particularly in the areas where the behavioral component is less required, and interaction with human trainers is also less critical. It can be an ideal ally in providing training in applications like product knowledge or compliance training, which will enable companies to save a lot of time and money on training. Here are a few essential features of m-learning:

Personalization: Every individual has different learning capabilities. M-learning allows users to configure their learning experience, defining frequency, volume and type of learning activities. Many m-learning solutions also provide a smart learning experience with the help of powerful algorithms.

Microlearning: Microlearning is a useful tool to close the gap between knowledge and productivity. It requires trainers and designers to provide their readers with a more concise and accessible content, which can help readers with shorter attention span.

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Gamification: An efficient gamification technique can help to make learning a more enjoyable experience. With an infinite amount of online content present today, gaming cues and concepts can help to create a more engaging and interactive learning experience for employees of a company. Many other features like leaderboards, challenges and badges, and so on can be inspiring in a workplace learning context.  

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