Blockchain to Enhance Student Data Security

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The educational sector is pioneering towards the introduction of full-scale implementation of blockchain technology to improve education.

FREMONT, CA: Malcolm X said "education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today," and blockchain is seamlessly transforming the conventional teaching into a digital one. The advancements in technology have helped the potential sectors to grow dramatically and stay relevant. Education is one such sector, which technology is improving consistently. Technological solutions like VR, personalized learning with AI, among others are already helping the edtech to proliferate and improve learning outcomes for students at all levels. Blockchain is another advanced technology that is helping the educational sector to reach a new level of modernized learning. Blockchain is on the verge to transform the education sector.

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With online practices becoming common, guardians are worried about their children's data and security. Here is where blockchain comes to rescue and keeps the data of the students safe and secure. With the technology in its nascent stage, blockchain-based education systems have the potential to revolutionize how educational institutions manage student data. As the educational system is not affected by data breaches like other sectors yet, it is time for schools and universities to implement blockchain. Better safe than sorry after all isn't it. Usually, data breaches tend to target students information to steal information and create fake identities.

With security and verification becoming a significant concern for educational institutions, protecting records using blockchain make such attacks fraud-prone. This advanced technology is the key to ensure and protect the data and information of the students. The use of blockchain in the educational sector is unexplored widely, but the possibilities it can provide are endless. The technology in the educational space has the potential to transform how school districts share and maintain data. The most forward-looking educational institutions have already commenced on improving the sphere, facilitated by novel technologies.  


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