Ground Breaking Implementations of Blockchain in Education System

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Educational landscape has been stasis for long but with the advent of Edtech it is witnessing agile transformations. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality tools have already started to cater to students with personalized learning experiences helping in the improvement of learning capabilities. Blockchain technology is in the queue with cloud and IoT to make its way into the education system. Following to possibilities that the blockchain has portrayed in other sectors, education is also certain to get benefitted when it finds the grounds in Edtech.

Certification Validation

Fake certifications are a nag to educational organizations and companies around the world. They strive to build a robust system against the same and blockchain can act as the helping hand. Colleges and other educational institutes can directly issue the certification over the blockchain network and students can further share the ledger details with employers. Validating the provenance of degree would become a cakewalk as the distributed ledger is immutable disabling the chance of any alteration to stored data.

E-Portfolio Creation

Blockchain ledgers have the capability that can allow formation of an E-Portfolio for students’ educational journey. The ledger would hold all kinds of records related to education journey from the very beginning. Transferring or sharing its access would be very easy at the time of institutional change. Students will just have to share the ledger access to new institution authority and the same ledger will be used to store further data. Children’s data will remain completely secure in the blockchain network in an encrypted format, accessible only to those present in the network. E-portfolios will prove handy in eliminating paperwork and long waiting hours for data validation during transfer.

Secure and Reliable Learning Community

Peer-to-peer transactions of blockchain would enable students to connect with instructors online without any middlemen. Social media and other online platforms are available for e-learning but have a concern of trust and security of personal data. Blockchain technology seems to resolve both of them through encryption and authentication. All entities over the network are authenticated for their identity and all the data is secured through encryption. As a whole, all these will lead to formation of a secure and reliable e-learning society open for all with a cost-effective environment.

Cryptocurrency In Payments

Working with blockchain will certainly bring in the influx of it’s by far the most successful application cryptocurrency. E-learning platforms and institutions both can utilize crypto for payments in future.  

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