Boosting Education with Advanced Technologies

Education Technology Insights | Friday, April 19, 2019

When used in the classroom, technologies can enable students and institutions to witness efficient teaching and learning. It can help students use higher-order thinking skills. Improving education through technology has enhanced learning because skilled technology workers are needed in the current job market of every industry. The preparation of teachers in technology and access to technology for poor and urban students had been lagging for a while. Funding has been set aside for the State Grants Program for educational technology so that states can award money to schools with low investments. Teachers who are not well trained with technology may or may not use the technology properly.

NYC Media Lab is launched as a PPP by the NY City Economic Development Corporation. The objective is to combine engineering and research design at the universities of the city with useful resources and better opportunities from the tech industry and media to help students and researchers develop new prototypes, explore applied research and development projects, and launch new companies. In association with Verizon 5G Labs and Verizon Foundation, NYC Media Lab has launched a nationwide open call for a challenge—Verizon 5G EdTech—to help build solutions toward a shared mission.

There are no clear visions yet about what 5G can do for the education sector; however, there are some good indications such as a 5G-enabled classroom, wherein a teacher can explain about specialized topics, provide an experience of virtual reality to help students learn various lessons that can improve their involvement.

In order to develop some skills and testing systems, AI has already been used in the education sector. As the advancements in the educational AI are growing, there are hopes that AI can help teachers and students to fill the gap between teaching and learning methods. The ultimate goal of technology is to help students and teachers work together that could yield the best result for the students. The future is predicted to be a reality of AI, and it is important that institutes teach students to leverage AI and create awareness about the technology to help them build a strong career.

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