Cloud Based IEP Implementation Tracking System Set to Change Learning Landscape

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Marc Leibowitz, Co-Founder & CEO

Education technology tools are dramatically transforming the way education is delivered today.  

FREMONT, CA:—empowering teachers, enhancing the quality of the tech-learning process, and harnessing the advanced capabilities of digital tools and web-based software— launches a unique product, TPB IEP/504 Tracker, to track the implementation of IEP/504 plans developed by other sources in response to requests from school administrators. It is the first cloud-based system that makes documentation and compliance, along with making implementations simple. The system helps schools and districts to be proactive.

The new product caters to the IEP/504 compliance and devises exclusive methods to streamline plans, practices, and implementations for not only improving teaching procedures but also to level up the tech-based ideas in order to stay in tandem with the future of education that is driven by technology. “TeacherPlanBook (TPB) offers the tools that change the dynamic between teachers and administrators, inspiring team formation wherein everyone is involved and strives to bring out the best in students,” says Marc Leibowitz, CEO, and Co-Founder of

The modern education landscape has significantly evolved in terms of learning standards and teacher-student interaction. The influx of digital technology has brought a multitude of opportunities to enable collaboration within the community. To nurture this change, (TPB) provides state of the art, cloud-based tools, and functionalities by facilitating collaboration between students, administrators, and even parents. Guided by a mission to transform the way education is delivered, TPB helps students to synthesize original thoughts to drive innovation and invention.

“TPB does what the teachers have been long waiting for—an opportunity to collaborate and advance beyond the old school teaching methods, orchestrating better lesson plans to help students learn deeper and better,” exclaims  Jay Condrill, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at

Bagging a global feature in Top 10 Collaboration Solution Providers, Education Technology Insights, delivers products to enhance the entire educational ecosystem, from lesson planning to analysis for administrators. Venturing ahead, TPB is endeavoring to add value to the teaching community by supplementing their platforms with added functionalities.

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