Creating Powerful and Interactive Testing and Assessment Methods

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

How teachers assess and test students is changing significantly under the impact of edtech innovations.

FREMONT, CA: Online tools and platforms to assess students are becoming prevalent with digitalization and penetration of personal communication devices increasing to unprecedented levels. Now, students’ assessment is not limited to the conventional testing methods in the classrooms. As student activity on the internet is rising, educational institutions are pitching in innovative ways to evaluate students. Online discussion forums where students can engage in discussions and contribute have been favored by teachers and management alike.

• Massive Open Online Courses and Online Assessment

Advanced communications have entitled students to a vast range of free or paid online courses. These courses are highly rated ones from the most elite educational institutions across the world. Some of these are also from new-age edtech startups. MOOCs are redefining education by making the best available and accessible to all. These courses are entirely online, and thus, the assessment of students is also carried out online with the help of discussions, quizzes, and various other activities. 

• Convenient and Interactive

Technology makes education a lot more immersive and interactive. The same goes for online assessments and testing. By assigning tests on online mode, teachers can effectively engage students. Students are also allowed to use a range of tools and include multi-media resources. Thus, testing and assessment becomes comprehensive and captures many aspects.

• Advantages for Foreign Language Learners

Online foreign language programs have seen a lot of popularity. Testing and assessment for these courses through online apps make for a better learning experience. Online apps allow students to easily track progress and undertake remedial learning based on auto-generated recommendations or suggestions.

• Streamlining Assessments with Spreadsheets

Collecting and organizing student assessment data can be tricky and time-consuming. Technology-driven tools and solutions are now assisting teachers in managing and compiling assessment data of students conveniently. Tools that enable easy insights and help analyze student performance make the process efficient and error-free.

Thus, the education industry can re-imagine the process of testing and assessing learners with interactive platforms and conduct an in-depth analysis of student performance. Both education providers and receivers are poised to benefit from advanced assessment methods.

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