Cybersecurity Engineering: Leveraging Hardware, Software and the Human Elements of Security

By Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 05, 2019

From healthcare to finance, technological advancements have revamped every sector, but with this growing reliance on technology, several areas have become vulnerable before diversified cyber attacks. Undoubtedly, the tendency to shift essential and sensitive data to the cloud has prioritized cybersecurity on a massive scale. Logic Monitor's survey becomes an accurate indication of the fact when it says that 83 percent of the big houses will shift their data to the cloud. A plethora of research developments are being made to secure the cyberspace, but cybersecurity is still counted among the major concerns of today's digital world.

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The smooth running of a company, on a large scale, depends on its ability to combat the existing and upcoming cyber attacks as data theft and manipulation can be a hurdle toward the growth of revenue. Augusta University (AU) has decided to undertake an important decision of launching cybersecurity engineering courses to offer the companies learned and improved workforce to build a wall against this growing daemon. This degree program stands apart from other programs as its focus is not limited to the software instead this course intends to teach students the style to resist cyber attacks leveraging hardware, software and the human element of security. Alongside, AU has announced two new degrees: Bachelor of Science with a major in cyber operations and Bachelor of Science with a major in cybersecurity.

Due to the high demand for cybersecurity professionals, this course will have an enormous impact on students’ career, and along with that, there is a constant growth in investment to make the cyberspace secure. As per research by Statista, in 2019, globally $114.2 billion will be spent to ensure cybersecurity. Except for the companies, the defense sector has exhibited exponential growth in leveraging AI-powered devices, and as a consequence, it has become their primary target to implement proper security in order to strengthen national security. These excellent career options have encouraged a large number of students to enroll themselves in this course. 

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The previous year, hackers targeted almost 18 British universities that provide degrees in cybersecurity under the certification of National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and this list included the names of universities like Warwick and Lancaster. AU has to keep this story in mind and ensure that they maintain a high level of security.

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