The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, February 21, 2019

AI helps educators in identifying learning disabilities. Newly developed AI systems administer more effective testing to uncover  conditions like complex texts or information.

AI-based games help the students to grasp knowledge or any information in easy interactive ways. Assistive technology is being used to access a more equitable education helping read passages to visually impaired students.

The learning experience of education is changing in both the terms, visually and literally. AI-enabled projectors help the students in understanding the in-depth analysis of any subject. The classroom audio-visual technology gives the live experience of VR (Visual Reality). Language learning apps are another advantage of artificial intelligence benefitting the education system.

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Machine learning analysis the student data and other system data of an administration within seconds of entry. AI-based devices and networks have brought distance education more close to students than ever before. Students are benefitting from the data and learning analytics, helps in diagnosing reading and academic difficulties, test preparation solutions, scheduling data from daily to yearly basis and so on. Students with the help of AI-powered app improve their writing skills.

AI also helps in the maintenance of monitor workflow for schools and colleges ensuring safe environments to students, managing staff schedules and substitutes. AI facilitates monitoring of water supplies, electricity, Wi-Fi networks alerting any errors or dysfunctionality to the management workers when such problems arise.

Administration of any education system manages and keeps track of their school/college budgets making cost-saving purchases.

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AI networks help in giving education access globally with equal opportunities. With AI, educators get a better glimpse of how students are growing and improving their learning skills. Internet of Things (IoT) is a bridge connecting AI with education making it available to all globally on various platforms. Google is the most prominent example and portal of knowledge with AI-enabled technology and software making education revolutionary.

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