Drone Technology to Find Grounds in K-12 Culture

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, January 31, 2019

Education with modern technologies sounds great and is the base of K-12 culture. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled tools are already making the learning process convenient. Drones are the next to join the K-12 culture for taking education to new heights.

Enhanced Visualization

Drones are capable of giving a bird’s eye view of geographical areas. Students can be made to view scenery or location from different angles and can be asked to recognize and describe the same. Such activities help students in understanding 3-D view of locations and enhance their visualization capabilities. Even real-time video capturing can be included in learning sessions for disaster management.

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Improving STEM Education

Education curriculums can include drones for technical teaching in schools. Many students dream to be a great engineer, so technical teaching can prove to be helping hand. Drones can create real world scenarios using cameras and virtual reality technology which would enable students to comprehend the problem much effectively and come up with a better solution in less time. A similar approach can be applied for other subjects such as mathematics where unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be handy in understanding topics like trajectory, trigonometry and several others.

Development of Motor Skills

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Entailing UAVs in K-12 culture will leverage students in developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Flying a drone requires an understanding of speed, direction, and other fine motor skills which develop over the time with practice. Visual cues and spatial orientation comprehension is crucial to control UAVs and students will develop these skills over time. Incorporating the technology will make classrooms initiate fun learning, drive students to technical advancement, and intrigue aviation as a career.

Surveillance and Data Analytics

The most well-known implementation of drones is for surveillance, where they leverage institutions to monitor their security in real-time, even for areas out of human reach. Top-view of games would allow coaches to create better and new moves for competitions through data analytics.

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