Drones to Make Learning Fun!

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 30, 2019

Technology is sneaking its way into every phase of human life and education is not an exception. Incorporating technology in educational systems can bring new perspectives and motive children.

FREMONT, CA: Mobile devices have made it possible to introduce disruptive technologies in a modern teaching space, and every new gadget increases the possibility of engaging students in more interactive classes. Along with digital phones, many new devices have successfully entered the schoolrooms, such as smart boards and VR headsets. Among the latest technology trends, the usage of drones has become common among journalists, police officers, photographers, farmers, and many more. Many schools have also started using drones in classrooms, which has opened a new set of opportunities for pupils by making learning more relevant and engaging.

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The benefits of drones have been highlighted by many education experts as they have already used this technology as a part of their curricula. By using drones, educational institutes have taken an important step towards introducing technology in the schoolrooms. Together with similar yet simple smart gadgets, teachers have got the chance to make mathematics, science, and humanities relevant to the children and increase their interest in the subjects. Instructors can make use of drones in their classrooms in the following ways,

• Visual aid can ignite student imaginations when they are researching for their assignments. Relevant drone video footages will make it easy for the pupils to demonstrate their understandings of the subject in the project. From a teacher’s point of view, videography can become an incredible strategy to attract a learner’s attention.

• Drones can also be used to teach science and mathematics in schools. Drones will make it easier for students to understand the calculation of time and distance by watching a practical application. Pupils can also easily understand how wind influences an object’s path. The subject matter will become more appealing to them with such realistic examples.

There are numerous options where drones can be used in a schoolroom, and it will bring a lot of fun to the monotonous classes. If an educational institute is regularly using drones in their premises, they must develop some rules and regulations for safety purposes. The only other thing that a teacher must remember about flying drones is to purchase plenty of batteries as the students will be eager to use drones as much as possible.

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