EdCast Launches Knowledge Cloud for Efficient Learning to Microsoft Teams

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

EdCast, a Mountain View, CA-based company, which provides knowledge management and personalized Learning solutions, has launched AI-based learning, knowledge management, and information discovery for Microsoft Teams users. The application for EdCast’s Knowledge cloud has successfully finished the compatibility and security review and is available for immediate use through Microsoft AppSource Marketplace.

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All the Microsoft Teams users have a one-click and on-demand access to the EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud which will enable them to address sales enablement, training, and upskilling needs. The Knowledge Cloud, which is used commercially by 120 million people as part of the office 365 suite can now also be integrated into the workflow of Microsoft Teams. Key features of the EdCast application:

•  Search: The app uses a unified search engine to find relevant content from known sources.

•  Today’s Insights: A user can get personalized recommendations daily based on their interests, activities and job titles.

•  Channels: The app offers an ability to the users to explore the latest content in their theme-focused channels that they choose to follow.

•  AI-Based: artificial intelligence can automatically pull from all the content sources such as external, internal, paid, subject matter expert, and many others to provide personalized content to the users.

•  Customization: The app automatically understands the unique needs of the learners and curates a customized learning experience.

•  Analytics: EdCast’s knowledge cloud uses advanced reporting to assess and measure performance, manage certifications, and empower discretionary learning.

EdCast provides its customers with an AI-powered knowledge Cloud platform for unified discovery, knowledge management, and personalized learning. Many fortune 500 companies and government organizations use the platform to solve the problems of content fragmentation to provide a unique learning experience.

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