Future Grounds of AI in Education Industry

Education Technology Insights | Friday, February 08, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has been embraced by various sectors for their advancements is set to deepen its roots. Investors taking a step further are now making efforts to optimize the technology by incorporating it for more than predictive analysis. The education sector has started to stride in the same direction allowing AI to take over administrative and teaching operations as well. Educational technologies based applications such as LMS are also getting upgraded with intelligence technology for a better learning experience.

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Automation in Grading

Grading students is a tedious job to carry out. Teachers have to put in additional efforts and time to complete the task which refrains them to focus entirely on students. In such a scenario, AI’s intelligence is worth to utilize; already multiple choice questions can be graded by the algorithm. Next step to advancement is the grading of written responses accurately. Developers are putting in their best to achieve the same to fill the gaps between learning and time offerings. Technology will allow teachers to pay more attention to individuals for enhancing their learning.

Global Classrooms

Education restricted in boundaries is one biggest roadblock in development. AI enabled tools can create a global classroom open for all to learn. Students from different geographical, cultural, and language backgrounds can utilize the platform to connect with world-class educators. Such platforms have various plug-ins integrated to perform designated tasks like translation in real-time, breaking the odds of language. Even learners with visual and hearing impairments will have seats in the global classroom facilitated with required tools.

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Personalized Learning

One long-discussed benefit of AI in education has been personalized learning. Educational communities from decades have strived to achieve a solution that could educate students depending upon their learning capability. AI has been able to put forth itself as the one. Tools integrated with intelligence technology are being developed to cater to students with personalized experience. AI platforms comprehend individuals grasping ability based on their performance in early stages an accordingly modifies its course and speed automatically. Once the algorithm is convinced about the completion of a topic, it successfully redirects to next. 

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