Go the Future-Ready Library Way

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Future-ready libraries work well with technology to create a dynamic learning experience for students.

FREMONT, CA: Old libraries remind people of a librarian hushing at students and other library-goers. Today, with technology pervading education rapidly, libraries also have undergone a dramatic transformation in their functioning. The information centers have gone the digital way and started using 3D printers, digital tablets, and allow students and teachers to utilize the hub for interactive learning projects. 

So, how ready are school libraries for the future of learning? Today, librarians encourage collaboration and lead instructional conversations for learners who work together in groups to solve problems.

How Have Libraries Become Future-Ready?

Transformational libraries do not just adopt new technology, but they instead identify the software and devices that will augment and impact the student learning process. Librarians focus on gathering the technology tools that expand learning opportunities and let students create deeper connections with the topics that they study. Additionally, the book rooms also create the space required for the use of the learning tools.

To create the spaces, administrations, and future-ready libraries consider following the things below:

• Encourage Librarian Leadership

School librarians should know each student and interact with them regularly. Each interaction allows librarians to understand students and influence their learning positively. Information centers should not be just treated as a repository for technology, but a center of instruction where the keeper leads the charge in improving learner growth and achievement. 

• Make Relationships Priority

Librarians are for everyone—teachers, students, and the community as a whole. With the help of the stakeholders and upon allowing them to identify the ways to create a future-ready library, librarians can have the support needed to make dramatic changes.

• Connect Beyond the Building Premises

With technology, it is possible to connect with anyone and at any point in time. When students are permitted to contact the subject matter expert from any field, that is when learning becomes relevant and memorable. Future-ready books rooms will also be known as a barrier-free space that will reach beyond the confines of the school.

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