Here are Some Challenges Faced by Indian Edtech Startups

Education Technology Insights | Friday, September 13, 2019

Adoption of new trends and technologies will leverage the EdTech startups and can reshape the education sector.

FREMONT, CA: EdTech startups can become a ray of hope for transforming the learning experience. The collaboration of digital platform and education can positively impact the learning environment. There are several challenges faced by the startups in India. Here are some…

High Customer Purchase Cost

Upskilling learning platform spends approximately Rs 1 crore on digital marketing. Indian youth is spending more time and money on media, gaming, and entertainment and very less on education apps. EdTech startups want the public to spend time on education apps after coming back from school or office. They are providing free high-quality content to change their digital strategy.

Creating Personalized Learning Paths

Mobile users could easily use their mobile for education. Every student has different interest but is dealt with by the same solution, which is not suitable for all. AI-enabled tools will customize solutions based on individual learning goals and aptitude, helping them to create personalized learning paths. The personalized learning environment will optimize learning outcomes.

Behavioral and Cultural

Low user engagement is the most significant problem in the EdTech world. Nowadays, more of the institutions are led by traditional supervised learning in a conventional classroom. There are so many products around, but the parents remain doubtful for buying, and students are not aware of the real value. Data analytics and Behavioral science will engage users who want to engage with apps in a meaningful way.

Optimizing Monetization

Humans get attracted towards the content or things that have free access. Some of the EdTech companies are following the same pattern to attract people. They are providing widespread access to free content. By giving free model first and then giving subscriptions model will become a perfect solution. It will work for both the customers and the providers, people will get for what they are paying, and the company will get profit in return.

Technological Strength

The technological infrastructure is comparatively inadequate than in other countries. Like electricity now the internet has become a need in every pace of life. Students cannot depend on apps and educational videos to study because of network latency. Network optimization and advance apps will help in providing offline video and informative content to fight tech infrastructure problems.

EdTech startups are offerings many things such as VR content, personalized assessments, parent engagement, soft skills development, digital libraries, student networking, test preparation, procurement marketplaces, learning analytics, language tools, real-time scenario engagement, and many more across higher education, vocational training, and corporate training sectors.

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