How Can AI Compliment Student Engagement?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 14, 2020

AI can open creative and interesting opportunities for educators to engage students better.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is not a novelty anymore, as it has become a part of our lifestyle. As the world slowly but steadily recovers from the COVID crisis, the role of technology has been a transformational one, especially in the realm of education. Realizing that digital learning is here to stay, many educational institutions are turning to technology for engaging students and encouraging remote teaching and learning programs. In this light, technologists are facilitating and innovating the ‘learn from home” approach with emerging student engagement solutions featuring the implementation of AI.

Along with increased excellence in data processing and other core business operations, AI has now been looked at as a key to student engagement. AI helps teachers create personalized learning experiences to a very vast extent. Since AI automates a lot of tasks that teachers otherwise, had to do them manually, teachers can spend increased amounts of time with students individually, and explore more about making remote learning interesting.

Top 10 Student Engagement Solution Companies in Europe - 2020AI’s potential to enable a global classroom virtually makes it inevitable for collaborative learning. Digital learning majorly revolves around building a strong association between teacher and student, and student and student, for which AI-enabled platforms seem tailor-made. Alongside this, student assessment can also be not only automated but simplified with AI interventions. Grading and making a decision on student caliber manually might have inaccuracy coming with it. But, artificial intelligence, making the impossible possible, can help in analyzing academic reports and evaluating student performance at higher levels of precision.

The prospects of integrating AI technology with education systems are beneficial in highly unimaginable ways. Chatbots and other algorithms based on AI help teachers not only engage students creatively but also ensure that students’ interest in academics doesn’t fade or fluctuate. The technology of AI undoubtedly compliments the education industry's transition towards online teaching and learning.

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