How Can AI Transform Higher Education?

Education Technology Insights | Monday, March 02, 2020

In coming years from AI-driven tools to machine learning algorithms, education sector will see more highly developed AI applications.

FREMONT, CA: if we turn the pages of history, it is evident that the research field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has experienced a few ups and downs. Sometimes AI went through a phase of hype and governments invested a good amount in the development and research of these technologies. But on the other hand sometimes the interest of the public decreased in the topic and funding was withheld from AI research.

The ‘Historical Hype Cycle’ of AI

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies - 2019If we talk about “historical hype cycle” of AI, we can see peaks and drops over 70 years. There was an emergence of symbolic AI research in the mid-1960s. The resurgence came in the 1980s with the invention of specific algorithms for training three-plus layer neural networks.

There has been a massive increase in the amount of data and computing power that we have available, sparking research, Ramsey said. People have been able to start inventing algorithms and training, not just three-layer neural networks but a 100-layer one. Now the question arises what will be the next transition?

AI research today

At present, AI is experiencing another phase of hype as most of the industries have started adopting AI for different purposes. Now entrepreneurs, politicians, investors and several other people have started believing that AI is the central key technology of future development. In its “National AI Strategy“, Germany and Europe will become one of the best locations for the development and application of AI technologies. Not only in the education sector but all the industries AI has started growing and soon will rein the industries. Therefore it can be estimated that an AI is going to experience a new season of growth.

AI Will Transform Higher Education in the Next Five Years

It is expected that machine learning and artificial intelligence will totally transform the whole higher education sector in the coming years. It will take place across a student’s journey through higher education, starting from their college search and ending with employment. From note-making to doing projects, and evaluation, all the activities will be quickly done with the assistance of AI. These modern technologies will attract the students more by making the teaching-learning process more interesting.

AI will make life easier for teachers as well by helping them in evaluating test papers, and other assignment and activities. Now the teacher can quickly contact the students by AI-driven tools and can help them irrespective of time and place.

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