How Can Assistive Technology Help Students Reach Their Full Potential?

Education Technology Insights | Monday, May 18, 2020

Modern technology can be an aid for students who need extra help with their academics. From managing time to focusing on homework, these tools can serve different purposes in the education sector.

FREMONT, CA: Assistive technologies can meet the needs of students at all grade and skill levels. Teachers and educators are increasing adopting assistive technologies to help students in all ranges of ability to learn more and reach their full potential. 

Here are some assistive technologies which educators can use in and out of the classroom:

Time Management Apps Keep Students on Track

Some of the students can be easily distracted, making it hard for them to finish homework and other tasks. To solve these issue educators can use any time management app. It will help students to create tasks, and complete in the given deadline; and it can also trigger a countdown of the minutes or hours left for getting it done. This will also motivate learners to complete assignments on time without procrastinating. 

Experiential Learning Helps Students Retain Content

The method of experiential learning is not a new teaching method in the market, but now teachers are trying to enhance it more with VR and AR technologies. These technologies remove the constraints of time and geography and bring students into contact with environments they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. In this manner, these modern technologies provide unlimited immersive learning opportunities. 

Gamification Offers an Alternative Approach to Learning

The popularity of video games is increasing day-by-day, and teachers and educators are embracing these tools because it can introduce new and innovative educational games into their curriculum. Video games involve task, levels, challenges and immediate feedback, and most of the students have grown up playing these video games, so this is a natural way to engage them. Gamification makes the teaching-learning process more interesting for students and teachers. It delivers interactivity in a variety of subjects and providing a sense of progress with rewards or points for completing tasks.

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