How EdTech Is Changing The Ways Of Teaching-Learning Process

Education Technology Insights | Friday, November 08, 2019

The educators play a significant role in merging technology with the education system, as the need to update themselves with the changing digital teaching-learning trends is rising. 

FREMONT, CA: The innovative changes happening in the world of education technology is also influencing the sector and the ways things are handled. Now, aiming to provide the best to students, the future of education is changing proportionally to the advancement of technology. Tools like video conferencing classrooms, laptops, electronic whiteboards, and integrated software programs are inducted into system these days. Technology makes learning undeniably exciting and accessible. So, where do technology and education meet?

• Instant Access and customized experience

The proliferation of internet technology lets teachers access to informative resources and answers. It will additionally profit the students with vast knowledge anytime and anyplace. Within the classroom, technological access at one time for all the students will increase the speed of educational group activities and discussion. Conducting live polls, surveys, or quizzes can boost the pupils’ interaction skills.

• Collaborations and Practices to overcome Real-World Challenges

Group projects based on technology will facilitate the students to learn the spirit of teamwork and skills recognition. Each student has different skills; they can learn to manage and contribute differently to the same project. The technology experiences like handling their mail accounts, checking it regularly for assignments, project group updates, and even their ranks encourage them to blend in real-life ways of communication and habits.

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• Learners and lecturers

Along with students, teachers also gain a lot of advantages with advanced education technology. Mentioned above, the internet- a vast source of knowledge can improvise the teaching skills and process. Teaching tools like course construction applications and virtual planners provide much impact to how things were handled before. Through online test and diverse activities, a student’s knowledge can be accessed instantly and noted for future requirements.

While the educators find it difficult to adopt such tools and advancements, it is worth the effort. However, integrating the EdTech tools in educational practices holds large potential within the future of learning.

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