How Incorporating Technology in Social-Emotional Learning Helps Students

Education Technology Insights | Friday, June 17, 2022


Teachers can look at overall trends in the class to create goals for improvement and propose solutions to problems in the classroom.


FREMONT, CA: In today's generation, it's no secret that children like technology. In many respects, technology impairs a child's ability to communicate. Kids in the same room frequently prefer to text each other rather than converse in person. Some technical tools, on the other hand, can assist pupils in developing their social and emotional skills. The continuous reflection fosters classroom community while also empowering students to better themselves. The parent communication component is incredibly beneficial. Parents can aid their children with self-reflection by reinforcing skills learned at home.

Microphones/audio systems in the classroom

The best examples are microphone systems integrated into the walls or ceiling of a classroom and synchronized with other technologies to a primary karaoke machine. Most children are afraid of public speaking, although it is a necessary ability. It's critical to give pupils as many chances to speak in front of their classmates as possible. When their classmates talk, the other students learn to listen. It allows the students to hear the speaker and be more attentive. The student holding the microphone is a visible message to the other students that it is time for the speaker to speak. The pupil becomes accustomed to hearing and being heard by others, boosting their confidence.


While robots cannot replace teachers in the classroom (what we do cannot be copied by technology), some schools are successfully incorporating robots into their SEL curriculum with the help of robots. The robot is less intimidating than a human and can usually keep a child's attention much longer than a teacher or therapist can. Other advantages include the robot's unlimited patience, consistency, and refusal to react in unhelpful ways. This robotic companion bridges the gap between technology and real-life engagement for children.

Apps for classroom management

There are some fantastic apps for instructors and students to use in the classroom. These apps are intended to aid in classroom communication and management. Parents and children can both track their growth. The software also facilitates communication between teachers and parents. When students use these applications to reflect on their behavior, they unlock the true power of these apps for social and emotional learning. Teachers and pupils achieve a lot in a school day, and it is easy to forget all but the highest and lowest lows. A simple method for tracking a student's choices throughout the school day allows the student to reflect after the day.

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