How IT Leaders Can Leverage Classroom Technology Integration?

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, December 11, 2019

In order to make teaching and learning process more interesting and engaging teachers are demanding more support from IT department.

FREMONT, CA: According to a recent survey from D2L and Censuswide, most of the teachers agree that classroom technology benefits their teaching abilities but say insufficient support from IT leaders is keeping them from getting the most out of the tools they have. Almost 54 percent of teachers agree that they need more training and support from IT staff to use modern tools properly.

Students also want to use the new modern techniques to study and access to course materials and a better online learning experience. It will create an exciting environment for them to study. 

To fulfill the demands of students and teachers, it is necessary to build reliable and consistent lines of communication between stakeholders and IT leaders, which can ensure the smooth working of digital transformation initiatives.

CIOs Should Get Engaged to Find Solutions That Work

Commonly professors expect the IT team to setup support and online resources for them. However, only a few of them have received regular professional mentorship. By encouraging a culture of digital transformation and creating a better chance for a successful IT, initiative CIO can efficiently work with department heads and student representatives.

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At some universities, the IT team has already have created online resources that are updated every week with information such as IT governance best practices and current digital transformation initiatives. Using the toolkit of stakeholder, students, faculty and staff can then reach out to their IT representatives to offer their insight.

In the era of digitization, regular contact has become an essential factor. Without contact with IT leaders and other stakeholders who can explain to you about the IT projects adequately, IT projects can fall into the hands of those who are not equipped to lead them. 

If the CIOs get actively engaged in these activities, they will also get benefits. One person cannot change the whole culture of a campus alone, so leaders should come forward to support these changes.

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