How Online Assessment Is Revolutionizing the Educational Sector?

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, June 11, 2020

Technology has revolutionized many sectors including education sector. Now the traditional processes are being replaced by the latest trends.

FREMONT, CA: The education system is changing everyday with the introduction of new technologies. Earlier test conducting was so stressful, but now the condition is changed as technologies are streamlining the process and revolutionizing the whole education system. Paper and pencil are the basic things required to conduct exams, but online reviews and evaluations can save time, extra effort, and paper. These are some of the reasons why this online method is accepted by the educational sector.

Why Is Quality Assessment Important To The Education System?

The most significant part of education is assessments because it gives an accurate picture to the students of where they stand. It also acts as a catalyst and positive reinforcement to learners by encouraging them to perform better. The quality assessment focuses on a targeted area with complete precision, so it is essential in academics.

How Is Online Assessments Useful?

Undoubtedly technology is playing a significant role in the education sector. To make teaching more effective teaching and the assessment process should not be limited within the walls of a classroom, but they can be both performed anytime, anywhere with the aid of the internet. Most of the industries are moving towards technological solutions from traditional assessment methods. According to several types of research it is clear that most of the students are interested in going through an online assessment rather than a manual one. Moreover, the students are happy when they get their results and feedback immediately after the test.

Fun and Interactive

Multimedia such as videos or recordings highly engages students in both learning and assessment as they find it more attractive. The students who are fond of visual and auditory learning are more focused on content that supports multimedia than content, which is presented in plain text and long sentences.

Taking Exams in a Comfortable Environment Is Important

Some classes are not appropriately designed to facilitate learning comfortably, so taking exams in the classroom is always not the best option. Hard chairs, harsh lights, noisy environments are some of the obstacles which can make the focus away, distracting students who are never able to concentrate on their task as their creativity and their flow are often interrupted.

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