How Robots are Helping Educational Institutes

Tina Rosen, Education Technology Insights | Friday, February 11, 2022


The educational institutes are using robotics to support the student and enhance their skills technologically.


FREMONT, CA: Nowadays, robotics education is becoming extremely popular among schools. It is mainly because the students in the K12 schools will graduate and enter into a workforce filled with technology, especially in an era where robotics is widely utilized in regular lives.

Even if the students select some other career instead of coding and robotics, learning robotics will teach them the essential skills like programming, collaborative thinking, analytical thinking, and innovation. It can be easily implemented in STEAM education that is becoming common in schools. The educational robotics helps to support the students and strengthen their skills to increase the knowledge of their design, operation of robots, design, and creation. Furthermore, young students find it funny and engage with a robot to interact directly with electrical and mechanical procedures.

The traditional abstract method can be difficult and tedious for children. But when the students control a physical robot and see what goes wrong, they can learn the things robots can do and cannot. It will offer them an immediate understanding and experience.

Educational robots are still early, but it is estimated that they have a better future ahead. Here are some of the popular robotics trend that has been witnessed in the K12 education system.

Robotics is not cheap for a school to invest in due to its nature due to which most of the public schools are slow to adopt robotics educations. Many organizations are making robotics education more accessible to become affordable for educational institutes. There are two primary reasons why it is becoming difficult for the schools to adopt it, one is cost, and the second is teacher capacity. Therefore, robotics manufacturers are taking drastic steps which will help them to decrease such barriers.

Many companies are providing free samples for the teachers that consist of lesson plans and guides to help the teachers perform a robotics lesson efficiently.

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