How Technology is Impacting the Educational Sector

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, March 03, 2022

The educational sector is using advanced technology to improve teaching and increase student engagement. 

FREMONT, CA: Using technology to improve learning is an enormously exciting concept, and as a field of study, it is rapidly expanding.

Technology is responsible for developing blended learning, mobile learning, engagement, and other increasingly prominent concepts. Most of the public schools are not cutting-edge. While there isn't enough information to specify what's going on in the classroom, here are some of the most popular uses of technology in the classroom.

Despite significant advancements in how technology is used in the learning process, there is still more work to understand how these tools can promote depth of knowledge, learning curiosity, and critical thinking skills.

Common Uses of Technology in the Classroom

Social Media and Digital Learning Tools

Combining advanced teaching approaches and learning models with safe social media and digital learning tools is essential in improving student understanding. Students may study, and teachers can share lesson materials and digital resources, assessment data, and even whole-group, away-from-school communication through websites and social media. Podcasts, multimedia like music and YouTube videos, and other digital tools are also available here.

Computer-Based Testing

Throughout the year, third-party providers administer computer-based standardized examinations to predict success on the state test at the end of the year.

Calculators, Smartboards, And Clickers

Teachers are integrating calculators, smartboards, and clickers in the classroom to engage students and provide pupils with more diversified platforms to work with innovative ideas and demonstrate understanding. Many of these systems also enable teachers to collect data in real-time, which saves time (less grading) and provides students with quick feedback that is frequently easier to understand than often unclear teacher input.

Learning Management Systems

As the purpose and elegance of these systems have evolved, so has the notion of a learning management system. Google Classroom is perhaps the most used learning management system in K-12 classrooms settings.

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