How To Fight Absenteeism With Technology?

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, January 16, 2020

There are several tools in the market which can identify the problem and a classroom well-equipped with modern technologies can help in fixing the problem.

FREMONT, CA: Absenteeism has become a massive concern for K–12 schools. According to national data released in 2018, about eight million students were chronically absent from school during the 2015–2016 school year, up from 7.2 million two years earlier. This shows one in seven students missed 15 or more days of school.

Here are some simple ways to solve this problem:

Data Analytics May Solve the Problem

Absenteeism in schools needs to be consistently and accurately measured to get a real sense of it. All the schools always keep average daily attendance, but gathering that information does not solve the problem. As per reports, only six states kept records of chronic absenteeism in 2013.

Chronic absenteeism and average daily attendance are two different things. A school can have high average regular attendance and with more than 40 percent of its students absent because, on different days, different students make up that 90 percent. These experiments can identify early warning signs among students, including the current absences but historical absence figures as well as downward grade progression. Top K-12 Companies

Nudges Can Get Parents to Help

AS per a study was done by Harvard University in 2018, parents often are not aware of how often their kids miss classes. Keeping parents involved and informed about their kids' absenteeism can uptick in attendance. Educational interventions that inform parents can complement more intensive student-focused absenteeism interventions. To keep parents in the loop, frequent nudges, or digital alerts, can be used.

Modern Classroom Technologies Can Enhance Attendance

Nowadays, several technologies are used in classrooms to engage students more. Unlike the traditional method of teaching this method to attract them and keep the student more engaged. If the teacher teaches in an exciting manner, it will definitely increase the attendance of students in the year. To make classes more exciting, teachers can use tools like VR and AR because these tools are also engaging and fun.

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