How To Find Right Cloud Solution?

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, December 09, 2020

All the schools and colleges are adopting cloud solutions, but choosing a better option is a little challenging because every solution is not suitable for all the organizations. So the schools should check and then decide.

FREMONT, CA: In the digital age cloud computing is considered as a potential boon to the education industry. But education institution cannot opt for any cloud solution randomly because all the solutions are not the same and nor do all school have the same IT needs. So, before adopting any solution organizations should check the solutions correctly. Here are some considerations for a successful move to the cloud:

1. Connectivity

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies for Education Industry 2019All the organizations should make sure they have the network capacity and internet bandwidth to utilize that cloud solution. Because in case a person is in a rural area where the internet is not working correctly, then it is not possible to access the content when needed.

2. Software licensing

Sometimes, schools may license dozens of software products, but not all of them are suitable for the cloud. But before choosing the team should do research and check which software is better and have capabilities to fulfill their need, and whether it even makes sense from a technology standpoint to move it to the cloud.

3. IaaS vs. SaaS

The other important thing is to decide whether to purchase Infrastructure as a Service or only license out specific applications in the software as a Service model. In the case of SaaS, the buyer has to pay for a software license, and the cloud provider handles the back end. laaS is more expensive and complicated, because of more significant management burden.

4.  Privacy

Most of the commercial cloud solutions offer assurances of privacy, but given the sensitivity about student data, it’s essential to read the fine print. The data of students is very sensitive, so it needs higher security.

5. Pricing models

Before opting for a model, schools should consider which pricing model makes sense and will prove beneficial for them. Pricing and the ability to scale the services should take into account what a school district needs. Because you cannot pay the same amount every month, as there is heavy utilization in some months and much lighter use during summer and breaks.

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