Learning Analytics Trends for Higher Education

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, September 09, 2021

Learning analytics are improving teaching outcomes with personalized learning environments.

Fremont, CA: Technology has transformed the teaching and learning process. Institutions are increasingly interested in EdTech technologies that can help them provide a flexible learning environment for students to learn at their own pace, while teachers use these tools to boost student engagement. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift into K-12 classrooms, which was previously concentrated chiefly in higher education.

EdTech tools, training, and adaptable curriculum are projected to witness more innovation in the coming years. Stackable credentials, digital badges, and diplomas are planned to be combined with traditional classroom outcomes. In all of these endeavors, learning analytics will take center stage.

Educators will take an analytical approach for learner engagement, achieving learning objectives, and enhancing teaching outcomes when learners expect a personalized learning environment where material delivery and structure are made precisely for them.

Here are some ways learning analytics is helping teachers in higher education:

Tracking student engagement

Teachers will be able to track which types of material and content formats students find the most engaging. Time spent on each chapter , the number of times a video or audio file has been viewed or played, or the device on which students access the syllabus the most can all assist create more engaging content.

Customized lessons

It will be possible to track every student's learning patterns. Consequently, teachers will be able to design classes based on their strengths and shortcomings, improving their students' learning. Teachers will be able to identify academically weaker students and come up with remedies and corrective activities using specific performance metrics for each student.

Revised methods of teaching

It's simple to update material and add interactive, multimedia, and game features with a cloud-based content delivery platform. Teachers might adjust their teaching approach if they discover a topic that students find difficult to comprehend. They have the choice of something fresh, such as an image or an instructional video, to help students understand a topic better.

Sharing student progress report

Teachers can share learning progress reports of the students with their parents and other teachers and administrators. After all, learning is no more a separate process but rather a connected and integrated experience that a student has with an institution over the course of their academic career.

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