Leveraging m-Learning in Enterprises

Education Technology Insights | Friday, February 01, 2019

Mobile technology is one of the advances that has been increasingly used by most people today. The smartphones and the internet have enabled people to learn about unknown factors in various sectors. In order to educate information seeker, many educational apps have been developed in the online realm. The educational app development companies have been involved in promoting mobile learning or m-Learning to enable employees to learn faster and at their convenient time and place.

M-learning through smartphones increases the productivity of employers when compared to non-phone users. In 2016, Samsung and Frost & Sullivan reported that employers who use smartphones saved 58 minutes of their work. As the workers ought to clarify their doubts and queries using educational apps, the time spent on the difficult task is reduced. They have also reported that around 34 percent of the employers have been using m-learning apps. It became 51 percent in the year 2017. As the need for educational apps has been increasing day to day, the employers have started using mobile apps continuously.

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Expanding the m-learning trends may result in a drastic increase in the number of people using m-learning apps. Bring your own device (BYOD) is one of the greatest examples that represent m-learning. Bring your own device enables the worker to use their own system for working at the enterprises. According to the Sailpoint report, in 2018, 70 percent of the professionals wished to use their own system in order to have a comfortable search. Mobile analytics is the next popular trend that has been adopted by companies to improve personalized learning models.

In the upcoming days, the m-learning will get additional features including mobile coaching and micro assessments. The mobile coaching tool has an online interface and offline video directory. The offline video directory helps the information seekers to access videos anytime anywhere. The purpose of micro assessments is to make employees undertake the assessments after their course completion. In addition, m-learning moves toward AR and VR as a part of its application. With ever-improving technologies, m-learning apps have been moving at high speed thereby educating the information seekers at a faster rate and in a convenient manner.  

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