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Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 24, 2019

By considering the capabilities of the students and making them acquainted with the implementation of modern technologies, we can increase their acceptance toward tools can make creative social and interactive lectures a reality.

FREMONT, CA: In the present era, the education industry is trying to make students familiar with the use of smartphones and tablets during lectures. Students use applications, where they can post questions, draw slides, and answer through portable devices like smartphones, while the lecture is taking place in the classroom.

Why Tech in Education?

In most educational institutions, the implementation of technology is highly encouraged because it is considered to lead to critical cognitive developments when used correctly.   It is of utmost importance that there exists a pedagogical justification regarding the usage of technology along with constant progression on student performances. Technology should be used to build a social and interactive learning atmosphere in a lecture, which can help in providing a platform for an exchange in the interaction between students and the teacher, making the lectures more responsive.

Green Signal from Students:

Many students prefer a lecture to be a transference learning experience and look forward to listening to what they need to learn. It is essential to involve students in the decision-making processes in lectures and not force the technology on them, as it can create a complex interaction.

The Battery Comes to an End:

Battery failure of the smartphones and tablets can be a fundamental cause of the lack of access by students and applications that consume or drain a lot of battery life of the device can be an issue. Due to excess battery consumption by apps, lectures can be interrupted, and students might feel left out mid-way between the sessions.

Maintain Privacy:

Applications that help students in posting queries regarding lectures might reflect the learner’s name on the screen, causing discomfort to the pupil. It is critical to maintain student privacy by posting questions anonymously and enabling limitless learning.

Non-Tech Savvy Issues:

Some students might find it challenging to cope with technology and need to start afresh with a similar process of connecting the apps to the internet again in weeks. The use of technology can vary depending on the student cohort; therefore it is essential to ensure that students benefit more by utilizing the applications and have easy access irrespective of their technological capabilities.

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