Must- Have Features of Gamification App in the Education Sector

Education Technology Insights | Monday, May 17, 2021

The education sector is trying to implement gamification to increase interactivity and student engagement.

FREMONT, CA: People learn better in real-life contexts, and they appreciate interactivity. Studies show that 90 percent of the data passed on to the brain is visual. Therefore, a   new trend is increasingly becoming popular, and it is game-based learning and game-informed teaching.

Traditional strategies of learning are tedious, and classrooms are becoming unexciting. A popular challenge among teachers is keeping the interest of students in the class. Students can take charge of the learning process with gamified courses and grow a passion for self-learning. Gamified learning technologies facilitate brainstorming, mind mapping and thus promote innovation.

Teachers can personalize the learning path of the students utilizing a gamified classroom online. As per the course goals, they can also build the game set-up. They can be reduced to 10-15 minutes of tasks if the courses contain long assignments.

Here are some of the essential benefits of applying gamification in online learning:

1. Encourages Out-of-the-Box Thinking

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There are more than just rules and structures to a well-built gamified course. It emphasizes the importance of learning rather than the value of entertainment. Gamified lessons and workouts foster in-depth thought. Different game features and incentives like leaderboards and badges. It also promotes teamwork and creative thinking.

2. Maximizes Attention Span

Online game-based courses keep learners engaged and improve their attention span. They support students engaged for a long time with shorter attention periods. The objectives, tasks at various stages, and incentives make the process of learning more exciting. These operations restructure the process of thinking and increase the activity of the brain.

3. Encourages Accomplishment

If there's no sense of success, every action or mission becomes dull. If there is no student achievement situation, learning can become tiresome. Gamification will benefit teachers for a more extended period to keep students engaged. Elements such as points, prizes, and gifts inspire learners to perform and work hard after each stage. For on-time completion of assignments, they can also offer incentive points to manage their time better.

4. Creates A Healthy Competition

With gamification, for the students, teachers can establish group goals.   They may create groups of students and enroll them in a group contest. A healthy rivalry among student groups would be fostered by introducing group incentives, points, and many more. It will promote teamwork, as well.

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