Podcast and Livesteaming in Delivering Lessons

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Before choosing a platform to live stream or podcast lessons, it is essential to consider certain things.

FREMONT, CA: With technology raising its bar every day, it becomes imperative for organizations to bring in new tools and platforms such as live streaming lessons to connect well with the students as well as parents. Parents, too, because they would want to keep themselves updated on their child’s classroom activities. One of the methods to attain this is by adopting live streaming and podcasts with which students do not have to worry about missing out on a topic due to ill health. These online streaming mediums also make the teacher’s job easy in connecting with the students, along with their families.

Streaming helps to accomplish certain things —sharing student presentations, assignment updates, allowing missing students in the class to catch up with the lessons or field trips, posting lectures for pupils to utilize at home. 

Today there are many platforms available for podcasting and streaming, so, it is important to consider a few things before choosing the streaming medium.

Reflect on the Devices That are Made Use of

Few questions teachers need to ask themselves questions like;

•    Is it required to have a laptop or a desktop to get the full benefit of the platform or is a smartphone sufficient,

•    Will the device contrast the way educators control the student’s view or recording,

•    Ways the students are viewing the presentation.

The Social Media Channel Used By the Educators to Communicate With Parents and Children

Most of the platforms allow users to promote events through several channels, but a few are intended for particular social media. For example, a platform may enable consumers to stream a video, but the comments to the video are made available through a different channel.


Many platforms today allow users to invite people to connect from anywhere, anytime using the same piece of equipment.

The Type of Data Required

Consumers need to decide on what data is to be tracked like the number of viewers during a lesson or who connects and for how long.

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